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Video Game Fan Art

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All Members , Moderated

Your lovely administrator is reverse_will.

This community is for showing off your video game fan art. Any video games, Playstation, PC, whatever. And for posting news/information about fan art, whatever that would be. Also, unless it starts getting ridiculous, you're allowed to post links to your website or other sites you like as long as it has something to do with video game fan art.


Some simple easy rules:

-Not a law or anything, but you're welcome to post an introduction before you post art.

-Please put your art under an lj cut, for our loading pleasure.

-Some nudity / yaoi / etc. is fine, just give us a warning. Just no raging hardcore hentai please.

-Most artists will welcome constructive criticism, but please don't be rude or hateful. I will not be very tolerant of cruel people.

-Please don't use others' artwork without their permission!!

Thanks, and I hope you will find this community enjoyable!

Luvvies, reverse_will

P.S. It's entirely optional, but if you'd like to whore us around with this banner that'd be great.